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The Knowledge Graph (2023)

One mindmap containing the wisdom of leading software engineering practitioners. Learn their mental models and industry best practices.


Videos categorized by areas of growth!

As software engineers, we have to develop way more skills beyond the technical. This graph will help you see the different areas you need to work on throughout your career.

  • 26 podcast episodes with leading industry practitioners
  • 35+ shorts and deep dives
  • Summary & key insights of every short & podcast episode
  • Access to the editable mindmap
  • 40+ hours of content

You get perpetual access for this version and a 50% discount on the 2024 release!

Who is this for?

Junior, mid or senior+ software engineers, early career engineering managers and pretty much anyone interested in Software Engineering!

This is a great resource for anyone who wants to learn more about good software engineering practices and how to become a better engineer.

This could also be the perfect learning and development purchase for your tech team. You could incorporate the short videos into your onboarding process or allow your engineers to go through the content at their pace!

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